Most of the learning will take place in the industry and include practical demonstrations and application of skills, group work, research, presentations and supported study sessions. As the programme progresses, and subject to being able to demonstrate a high level of independence and reliability as well as completing required health and safety unit standards, you will be placed on farms for periods of work experience. This will provide you them with wider learning experiences and exposure to employment opportunities.


At programme commencement you will develop an Individualised Learning Plan with your tutor who will report to you theory and practical assessment outcomes within three weeks of you completing the assessment activity as well as working with you to measure your progress through
the programme.

Acknowledgement of Prior Learning

If you can show that you already have existing skills and knowledge you can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning without having to be formally assessed. You can also be acknowledged for existing unit standards you may hold however should there be any concerns about you being able to demonstrate the required competencies you may have to be re-assessed. Proven prior experience and learning can also be taken into consideration as additional evidence to the completion of unit standards where appropriate.


From time to time you will be asked to tell us how you think the programme is going and how well it is meeting your needs. This will be through questionnaires, interviews and group discussion. Your assistance in doing this is valued as it will help us make sure the programme is on track.


Assessments will be to PrimaryITO standards and ongoing through the programme. They will include
a range of methods such as observations, practical demonstrations, project work and individual

Your tutors will keep you informed of your progress through the programme and you will be
encouraged to openly discuss this and any concerns you may have.

If at any time you feel that you have been unfairly assessed you can appeal to your tutor or to the
Tūranga Ararau manager by following the steps set out in the Student Diary that you are provided
with at the start of the programme.